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Initiative on Building a Collaboration Network of Green Supply Chain for Global Forest Products

From October 22 to 24, 2019, the International Forum on "Together Towards Global Green Supply Chains – A Forest Products Industry Initiative" was held in Shanghai, China. Representatives from industry sectors, associations, international organizations and research institutions present at this International Forum agreed to further build on a Chinese entrepreneurs' initiative established in 2018, the Global Green Supply Chains, by establishing a collaboration network of global green supply chain of forest products. The following consensus was reached.

We are well aware that forests are important for deferring climate change, maintaining biodiversity, and promoting sustainable development. Protecting forest resources and maintaining the ecological environment are our common responsibility.

We recognize that wood is a renewable and recyclable green material. The development of the forestry industry has contributed positively to the sustainable use of forest resources and the economic, social and ecological values.

We believe that building a global green supply chain is conducive to the effective integration of the entire industrial chain, forming legal and sustainable production, distribution and consumption systems to provide products for global consumers.

We realize that building global green supply chains requires joint efforts from multiple stakeholders from both the production and consumption sides and it requires close cooperation across official departments, regions and nations.

We advocate that jointly, based on the principle of voluntariness, openness, sharing and collaboration, to build a collaborative network of global green supply chains to promote the sustainable development of forest industries and contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of global forest resources.

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