Important news
Important news
Research Activity of Flooring Industry in NanXun, Huzhou

From August 28 to 29, GGSC secretariat, led by secretary-general Luo Xinjian,visited and investigated representative enterprises of floor industry in NanXun, Huzhou, invited leading enterprises to participate the GTI platform. The research activity was supported by HuZhou Huzhou Inspection and Testing Center and Chinese Academy of Forestry.

On the morning of 28th, GGSC Secretariat and 20 flooring enterprises jointly held a seminar of GTI project. Secretary-general Luo Xinjian introduced the main work content of GGSC and requirements of GTI project. Dr.MengQian introduced the current status of China's timber import and export trade, and Gao Xuting explained the reporting matters of GTI index. Representatives of enterprises prasied GGSC's efforts in promoting sustainable development of timber industry, and expressed their understanding and support for the significance of GTI index, and willing to play an exemplary role and actively participate in GTI index submission and follow up activities.

After the seminar, GGSC secretariat visited 7 enterprises, including Treessun Flooring Co., Ltd, Forest Star Culture Flooring Co., Ltd, Jiaye Flooring, Shangchen Flooring, Dawei Flooring, Hongmufang Flooring and Xingke Flooring, investigated the facilities such as enterprise product exhibition hall, factory production line and management office, and conducted depth communications with enterprise leaders and employees. The unique development path of the enterprise impressed the researchers.

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