Meeting for Pushing Forward GLSTF Achievements Held in Henan, China

On May 17, a meeting for pushing forward the achievements released at Global Legal & Sustainable Timber Forum (GLSTF) was held in Qingfeng County, which is located in Puyang City of Henan Province, China. With the support of Peng Yanqing, President of Qingfeng Home Furnishing Research Institute, representatives from the Secretariat of the Global Green Supply Chain Initiative (GGSC), the Fudan University Robotics Research Institute, Shandong Ronghui Products Group Co., Ltd., Zhichang Technology Group Co., Ltd., Jining Ganghang Metal Materials Co., Ltd., Guangli Furniture, and Gabon Pulian Wood Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.


The meeting summarized the progress of cooperation between Gabon and Qingfeng in building a green and sustainable timber supply chain, since the Global Legal & Sustainable Timber Forum 2023 (GLSTF 2023).

Under the influence of concept about global green and sustainable supply chain, which was proposed at GLSTF 2023, Qingfeng County has worked closely with Liangshan Port to open up the transportation channel of Gabon-Liangshan Port-Qingfeng County. Wood raw materials are shipped from Gabon to Zhangjiagang, then via the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal to Liangshan Port, and finally delivered to furniture enterprises in Qingfeng County by truck, significantly reducing transportation costs for these businesses.

At the meeting, representatives of all parties discussed the next action plan in depth, under the guidance of global green and sustainable development and with the goal of “building a global green wood supply chain from source to end”, and deployed the work for pushing forward relevant achievements released at Global Legal & Sustainable Timber Forum 2024 (GLSTF 2024).

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