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GTI Index Report (December 2022)


In December 2022, the Global  Timber Index (GTI) Report  showed that the global timber  market has been under the  lasting effect of uncertainties in  global economy, declining global  demand and the regular rainy  season in Africa amongst others.  The GTI index of the timber  producing countries as Malaysia,  Gabon, the Republic of the  Congo, Brazil and Mexico in  December were below the  critical level of 50%, which  represents that the prosperity of  timber production and operation  this month shrink from last  month. On the supply side,  except Mexico whose timber  harvesting, process and  manufacturing activities are  picking up, the shrinking timber  harvesting and production of  Malaysia, Gabon, the Republic of  the Congo and Brazil continues.  The shrinking market, amongst  others,is still the main problem that plagues these countries. Besides, GTI  participating enterprises in Malaysia, Gabon, the Republic of  the Congo and Brazil also confessed their desire to bring  down taxes and fees. Those in Mexico pointed out that  large-scale imports have produced a "squeezing out effect"  on their domestic timber trade. In China, the domestic  demands have picked up after it adjusted its COVID-19  prevention and control policy at the beginning of December  and introduced real estate stimulus policies, in spite of the  intermittently decreasing on-duty workers. As production  activities are resumed in timber enterprises, China scored a  GTI of 50.7%. Detailed data and analysis were shown in the  GTI report of pilot countries.

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