GTI Report
GTI Report
GTI Index Report (January 2023)


In January 2023, the Global Timber Index (GTI) report shows that affected by New Year holiday and continuous rainy season, the GTI index of the timber producing countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Gabon, ROC, Brazil, Mexico was all below the critical level(50%)this month, which represents that the prosperity of timber production and operation this month shrank from last month. The uncertainty in 2023 has brought great challenges for timber enterprises. ROC banned the export of logs from natural forests and plantation. The derailment of the trans-Gabon railway has affected timber transportation seriously. The decline in international market demand has affected every timber producing country.The enterprises have feedback problems of the increased product inventory , lower sales price than cost, and long payment time for customers. China further optimized the prevention and control measures for the COVID-19 , introduced a package of policies to "stabilize the economy". Tourism, film, catering and other services showed a significant rebound. However, a large number of employees returned home for the New Year holiday, and the production and operation activities of timber enterprises slowed down. Detailed data and analysis were shown in the GTI report of pilot countries.

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