Important news
Important news
Global Timber Index Launches Index for Producers

23 June 2024: The Global Timber Index (GTI) has launched a second specialized index, on timber production, to further increase the scope and depth of the ITTO-supported GTI. The first edition of GTI-Producers, for May, reported an overall index value of 39.2%, indicating a decline (compared with April) in the prosperity of the harvesting and primary processing industries in pilot countries.

The GTI, which tracks the performance of the timber sector in eight countries, produces a monthly overview report canvassing various aspects of the timber sector, plus a growing set of specialized indices. The first of the latter, on wood-based panels, was first published in May 2024.

The new GTI-Producers report follows development trends in timber harvesting and primary processing in seven ITTO producer countries: Brazil, the Congo, Gabon, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and Thailand.  In 2022, the total production volume of logs and sawnwood in the seven countries mentioned above was 289 million cubic meters, accounting for 63.1% of the 37 ITTO producers’ total volume. More countries are likely to join the index soon.

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